What is it

a modern model of artistic and professional cohabitation

ARTISTIC HUB at PLAYGROUND for the arts is a program that encourages artistic projects and invites individual artists and groups to use the space and its facilities in a way to make the most of the advantages that this cohabitation has to offer.

Through this cohabitation program the conversation between members becomes stronger,new networking opportunities in Greece and abroad are created and the participant artists are given the chance to remain active even under circumstances of financial crisis.

During 2014-2016, more than 50 greek and foreign artists found themselves at PLAYGROUND for the arts participating in artistic, educational research and rehearsing programmes. To mention a few: Chloe Brule (Canada), KeKeCa (Turkey), Pedro Consorte (Brazil), Sarah Reich (Los Angeles), Luis Paniagua (Spain), Tony Romano, Lenny Sendersky, Heather Cornell (U.S.A) Greek artists: Yiota Kallimani, Sofia Mavragani, Copernicus Company, Pattie Petropoulos, Giannis Moskos, Giannis Kalavrianos, Konstantinos Dellas, Despoina Sidiropoulos, Lena Filippova, Giorgos Gikapeppas and the choreographer Fotis Nikolaou They all have chosen PLAYGROUND for the arts to make their projects possible.

ARTISTIC HUB offers two collaboration choices, one as a member (season sheltering) and one as guest (short-term sheltering).


Special offers,affordable package deals and international networking opportunities.
Studio hours
Every package deal provides time use of the studios. Pick the one suitable for you according to your needs.
ARTISTIC HUB members are being promoted through our website and social media.
Our featured associates can back up any artistic production.
PLAYGROUND for the arts is a cultural centre of an international artistic community through which all its members communicate and connect.
Unlimited use of shared areas and free wifi enables the organising of professional meetings.
ARTISTIC HUB members can perform in whichever area they find best-suited to their projects.

Voutsara 4-6. 11856, Athens
+30 210 8544836